My Beautiful Wedding

Well This Man is my Rock

Mark is my full time carer. I have been so lucky to find a person that cares about me and for me, We got married on 25th March 2017 after Mark had seem me get so worse, I think he thought I was going to die

It was a slither of light in the darkness for me and I seemed to be ok for a while after this day

I will add more picture soon, I smile when I see them 🙂



Earlier days and a bit of modeling

Vicky discovered she had Alopecia , but used it to do good and did a photo shot for awareness.

I personally feel the Alopecia was a part of what has lead to her Jackhammer oesophagus. so much stress and misunderstanding by Doctors and the Hospitals


Welcome to Froggys World

Froggys world is to try and give you an insight into Vickys long term problems that have lead to the jackhammer oesophagus

and to help explain the operation which involves the cutting of the muscles in the oesophagus to allow food to freely pass from mouth to stomach.(which is an impossible task at present)

Jackhammer oesophagus,is a condition that prevents a sufferer from eating solid food without causing spazms, in the chest that are on par with a heart attack.she has also had so much stomach acid travel from her stomach to her oesophagus that its caused scarring from the acid and makes it impossible to enjoy food at all

We are trying to raising funds for an operation called a hellers myotomy

Even if we don’t raise all the funds needed,whatever we do raise will go towards adaptations to make her life easier.

Thank you for taking the time to came and look 🙂

I apologise for the crappy quality of this video… I was in pain and tried to go as slow as I could… But I had to do something… Please please can you watch and share this as much as you can… Every view will make a difference… I need everyone to understand how desperate I am… Thank you to everyone that's been so supportive so far… You're finally giving us hope ☺www.froggy.life

Posted by Victoria Louise Weller on Saturday, 19 August 2017