A sad life reality :(

Vicky a while back posted this on her Facebook, I remembered it as I remember her showing me these and many other photo’s once a time ago
I’m not one to look back myself as the past has gone and the future stares us all in the face. but today I has really stuck me that my friend will never be free of this illness as it eats away at her, I wish you could all see the chippy girl
with a lovely smile that I remember, but of course you never will and for me it will remain just a memory, A sad life reality 🙁
Wow!! This is how much my illness has taken its toll on me. These pics were taken when I was 22!! Wish I still looked like this 😔

I cant stop looking at this picture… A lot of emotion attached to this

Tony Camper is doing the charity boxing match

Tony Camper is doing the charity boxing match for my campaign in 6 weeks….

For tickets contact Glenn Williams 07886 432 658

Posted by Cheshire White Collar Boxing on Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tickets are available now. Can you spread the word please guys. Thank you

Jan ran out to buy it 🙂

Vicky says 

Has everyone got their copy of real people magazine yet…. Check out page 44 and you’ll see a double spread of my jackhammer story. Absolutely chuffed to bits with it.. If you read it, let me know what you think. And maybe its time to start sharing some links again eh?


you can buy it online too