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This was Taken off Facebook, so it might not read exactly as it was expressed, Living with someone that is ill and suffering is one of the hardest things in anyone’s life, the worry, stress, concern and of course fear is a daily nightmare to someone supporting another, questions like do i do enough, am i doing the right thing, you question yourself again and again. Mark is doing a fantastic job of supporting Vicky maybe something that is not said enough as even he focuses everything onto Vicky too, Mark your a star !! anyway here is what he recently wrote

Hi everyone Mark here. So after the paramedics came out the other night, Vic hasn’t been herself at all. In fact today she has slept all the way through til about 8pm which isn’t like her at all. So after she has one of her spasms, this is what happens! Her medication doubles! I have to say the spasm she had the other day was the worst one I’d ever seen her have. We always agreed that through this we would record everything we could to show people what she goes through. But this spasm was so bad I didn’t even think to pick up the camera. She was screaming in agony, she couldn’t stop being violently sick and was absolutely saturated in sweat and struggling to breathe and going in and out of consciousness. We thought that she had the worst of her spasms last year. But this has proved to us that it’s not going to get better at all. In fact it will continue to get worse. I’m dreading what will happen if she ever has a spasm that tops this one. But thank you for all your supportive messages and posts and a huge thank you to everyone that’s out there trying to help and raise money for vicki. We know the op is less than 50 50 but it’s her last chance xx

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