There are days when I sit and wonder about life and how we all travel though it
I think we all have good and bad, hard times and those few and far between
moments that some of us consider happiness

Vicky or if you like Froggie has found herself thrown a curve ball, yes of course we all care and try to help, but the final word is she has to cope with it day in and day out without a moments letup or a light at the end of that tunnel, today she posted a glimpse of a moment of her life. some will see it as a cry out and some as attention seeking I suppose. I see it slightly different I suppose as Im sure some of you do too, The words like unfair, unkind, actually I suppose there are many but as I said different, Vicky and I meet at the beginning of all this although we both didn’t know it at the time and I have watched it steal her life from not only her but from her family and friends, I have watched the tears and listened to the anger often followed by more tears

I have watched the odd moment of happiness

I know you have all helped and some have moved Vicky in the help you
have given, you see its not what you gave but the point you tried, a glimpse of happiness isn’t about money or possessions, its about what you can do for others and what others do for you, so here you have it my bottom line

I haven’t pushed the go funding or paypal as I believe people should
find it in their own hearts to want to help, so I wont say anything here
accept say 
I wish you all A merry Christmas and a happy new year
and if at any moment you have a few quid going spare over 2018 please consider those less
fortunate there are so so many good causes, the homeless, The poor children around the world, animals that need help to survive, there are so so many

and maybe in all that give a few moments to people like Vicky who
suffer so badly they have lost their heart and energy to help others

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